The Haunted Garden: Shadows Falling, Pumpkins Creeping…

 garden2016sunflowerpanaramajun281Touched by the Sun, 0545 hrs on 6/28/16. A Sun Flower compass stands well over 7 feet tall on the left edge of the Haunted Garden. East, West, North and South, All perfect in their current directional orientation. The early morning eastern shine brightens a few petals. Pumpkins and Sun Flowers always seem to grow quite well together at close proximity, just as their individual colors do in the color wheel. A happy colorful morning in The Haunted Garden!


Yesterday evening  transpired however, in the following Heretofore manner….


‪#‎Haunted‬ ‪#‎Garden‬ log June 27 2016. Shadows Fall…
Pumpkins proliferate at a fast rate. I will be issuing a Miracle Grow feeding later this evening…


garden2016jun27greenpothorns The large Cloven horn stump from a cut deciduous tree now stands watch as well, One of Mother natures wishbones? Or the horns of something more nefarious. As similar Pagan ritualistic items such as this kept demons at bay, I am hopeful this one will also will keep away a too early darkening.


Garden2016jun27barn The Amityville barn also stands vigil, a black cat resides in the old wooden box on top of the steps. She seems to appear and be gone from picture to picture as I snap one after another feverishly hoping to catch her bright yellow eyes, things are getting strange too early this year.


garden2016jun27bluepotflamingo I have finally planted both my blue and green flower pots with an abundance of Petunias, adding light and happy color to the shifting grounds beneath.


garden2016violetpumpkinwatch66good And Violet continues to watch the ever expanding Pumpkin foliage. Foliage springing effortlessly from Pumpkins planted whole and left to rot in accordance to natures plan, from last years crop. I’m not sure what she is seeing, sensing, or looking for, but look at her eyes, piercing, intent, cautious and resolute.  As the tendrils continue to lengthen daily, I am sure we will find out what gives her this pause.  October is approaching fast, MUCH too fast, I fear dangerously so… 



The Pumpkins grow at a very fast rate in this earth. And they always seem to reach for me, creeping towards my porch and front door. I expect and hope for many beautiful Pumpkins this year. All will be used, given as gifts, some consumed, some put back into the earth for next years crop, and yes some carved…could that be the reason? The reason for the seemingly intelligent creep, always towards me? The clicking late at night? And the final full plant quiver as October approaches? WE will have to see what befalls us as this Haunted Garden season continues…


Thank you for reading and prepare for more. Soon more mysterious happenings will come to light… and dark.

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Happy Gardening friends!