The Haunted Garden: The Devil’s Corn

 An Ancient & Haunted Mayan Strain


This is an unedited facebook post about the Haunted Mayan Strain of Corn that I planted in my Garden nearly two years ago.

Things started getting weird that year, and have kept up as such until present day. Today I bought Potting soil and my soil amendment (Steer Manure) for all of my potted Flowers and vegetables. I will work that into the pots before adding my special fertilizer concoction, then should be planting in a week or so. More on that when it happens but for now let me bring you up to speed…

 The following may partially explain the reason my garden was, and still is haunted.

-Almost 2 years ago June 12, 2014.  The original facebook post as it read then. The writing is a little rough as I was quite shook while recording the following:


“Hey Friends, first off unless you enjoy the Macabre, or gardening or Corn you may not want to read all that follows. What you do not know may still not hurt you…

So on the previous eve, in the dead silence of night the Mexican Super Corn arrived, carefully attached to my front screen door handle. There was no knock and no greeting, only this baggie of seed and a message/warning written in broken English and Spanish on what seemed to be 2000 year old Husk parchment. here is, in my own translation, and shortened dramatically, what was written:

This seed is descendant from the pre classic Mayan period, 2000 BC to 250 AD. The original and abundant crops that our peaceful forefathers planted were saved and have carried on ever since, however…Rarely do we still actually plant this strain, using it only now in the old rituals of demon identification and dismissal. You see this seed, although very fertile and fruit abundant, also potentially holds a dark curse which originated when the Aztec and Incan empires used the ground corn from these crops, which they stole from us through savagery, to aide them in their sacrifices. I refuse to divulge how these heinous acts transpired, but let it be known dark forces were in play then, and very well may still be in play now if this seed is allowed to mature. During our classic period from AD 250 through 900, we called this seed: Diablo Harina De Maiz or The Devils Cornmeal. Yes it will grow fast, and tall and will be delicious to consume, but be warned, certain crops are still tainted and if the stalks are left to stand until the last day of the 10th month, then BEWARE, and please be prepared for a battle with the De Maiz Diablo.

devils corn

Wow Ok, so I was thinking what you are probably thinking now, (aside from why am I wasting all this time on facebook reading about Cy’s garden), great story and some interesting historical knowledge but really “The Corn Devil” ??? Well folks…That last row has been planted, what will happen, will it grow? will it taste good? will it poison me? Or worse, on that cool crisp gray day, All Hallows Eve, as the leaves fall and darkness comes running at us mouth agape. will a Demon be released…?

I will see this through till the end, Corn Devil?, bring it pal! I will also keep this strain alive and will harvest some of its fruit for seed myself, sharing its history and its abundance with my Eastern Washington neighbors, and anyone else who wants to put some adventure into their gardening….

And finally, this Fall’s Corn Maze may be the best ever!!!!!”


This Haunted garden post partially explains one of the many reasons why my garden was, and still is Haunted. Future posts will uncover others.

Below is a picture taken the day before All Hallows Eve of 2015 of a few corn husks from that very mysterious seed bag which sprang forth, and was let to mature last year. I wintered them over in these black pots and will spread the seed this year again…


Thank you for reading and prepare for more.

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Happy Gardening friends!