Art Workshop By Cy: Charcoal Artworks need professional framing!

Does my new Charcoal Pet Portrait need a frame?

YES!!! You will need to frame your Charcoal Portrait ASAP. These are very fragile and special keepsakes that need protection to look their best and to last for generations.

Why Cy?

Some art pieces,  Acrylic or Oil paintings for instance do not need frames.  They do not need to rely on the extra protection that a frame provides to ensure their longevity.  Charcoals, Pencils, Pastels and Ink drawings WILL need this protection because their support, and the actual medium on the surface is very fragile. The support, or paper, can easily bend or tear and the Charcoals (Medium) can smear and smudge if touched. Water would be devastating to both.

Also and just as important, a frame will give your piece a complete and finished look.

When should I get my new Charcoal Portrait framed Cy?

Now!! Or as soon as possible. The longer you leave a fragile piece of art around unprotected the better the chance of it being dropped, mishandled spilled on etc… Get it framed and on the wall where it belongs, and can be enjoyed safely for years to come!

What kind of frame do I need Cy?

You will  need A frame big enough to include at the very least A piece of foam core backing, one mat, a piece of glass, and the outer decorative and supportive frame piece itself.

Here is how it works:  The support (paper) the piece is drawn on will be mounted to a piece of stiff backing.  The matting goes over this and its purpose is, aesthetically, to provide visual enhancement to the piece, and functionally, to keep the glass off of the drawings surface. The Glass is next, and it will keep anything from touching the artwork. And the Frame will hold all of this together and will again provide a decorative finish to the piece.


How do I get this all done Cy?

Find yourself a reputable picture framer to do this for you.  Do not try to do it yourself, It is not worth it, one mistake and your piece can be easily compromised or ruined.  It will cost, but this money is well spent. Your framer will work with you and can give you many different options and sizes and price ranges. You actually will have an important say in how your finished and framed Portrait will look.  You should be involved in the picking of colors and styles that fit your likes and if desired, your existing home decor. The picture below exemplifies this:

Chuckie unframed and then, BOOM, Chuckie looking Regal!

Getting a new original piece of art framed is actually a fun and exciting experience!


Thank you for reading my Art Workshop By Cy Blog Post.  Check back soon for more instructive and informative posts.

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